As the founder of Leland gal, I translate the ease of life, waterside living and colorful attitude into my hand painted textiles. 

With a background in art education, I bring a whimsical influence to my work. From my many years of teaching young students, I also taught myself the art of graphic design, a skill set that helped me transform my paintings into these textiles.

What makes me feel most alive? When I'm with my loved ones, by the water. It's this feeling that is the foundation of my brand. Home decor is extremely personal, so I wanted to create a line of textiles and products to reflect this connection to the water without limiting it to only “nautical”. 

Because connecting with people is one of the most important aspects of life, it is my hope for Leland gal to connect us together as a community of people who share this love of nature and family.  

When I'm not doing voice impressions with my son Tommy, you can find me dockside with pals and a bloody mary listening to David Sedaris's latest book.