How do you Leland gal? (Nell Revel Smith)

There are few people that have come close to being as supportive of my business as this special lady. Growing up watching my mom start her own career as an artist seemed as normal as apple pie to me, but I know now it was extraordinary.

Mom is determined, thinks big, and has great ideas. She has taken lots of my prints and mixed them up within the space in her home.

Here she bands other fabrics with our  Summer Sail in French Blue, with great lighting, ginger jars, and of course the view of our infamous tree out front.

Seeing these kinds of options really help spark the imagination of what is possible with fabric, and of course one of my favorite things, pattern mixing.

We joke that this is the grandest breezeway of all time. The Canoe and Oar print has transformed this little nook into something quite fine. Our resident talented seamstress, Jennifer Skinner is at fault for the gorgeous final product.

People come into my shop asking about what mom is up to all the time. While, her gallery closed a while back, she is still working hard and focusing on her favorite product, the original. This winter, she really dug deep to develop a new collection of paintings. Here she is with a little observer working on a gorgeous cherry tree in springtime.

This collection of small paintings are available at Main Street Gallery in Leland. You can give Malcolm a call if you are interested in a sarcastic conversation and a potential sale. 231-256-7787.

Thanks to mom for believing in my dream, and helping pave the way for other creatives imagining living a life of fulfillment!